Shoe organizing tips

Shoe organizing hacks

Shoes have always been a tricky area for organizing freak. While most of us may be satisfied by just tossing them on the floor, there are several who are undecided on where their shoes should be placed. Your bedroom may be too clean a place to keep your shoes while stowing it beside the door may make them dirty. Here are few quick shoe organizing tips to ensure your shoes never feel or look unkempt.

Keep track of the number of pairs you own

The best advice given by any fashion expert is less is more. While it may not be mandatory for you to buy every single pair you fall in love with at the mall, you should maintain basic number of shoes of different types like a pair each of sneakers, sandals, kittos, wedges, kitten heels and pencil heels. If you are afraid of heels then simply omit them.

Shoes rack for your regular wears

Despite all the promises we make to ourselves while buying an expensive pair of shoes, we don’t wear them at all times. So where do these not so frequently worn shoes land up? They are generally pushed back to the dark corner of your shoe rack. A shoe rack beside the door is meant for regular wears only, so that you can grab them easily and slip into them before you make the dash.

Special care for your not so regular wears

While regularly worn pairs are adorned on the shoe rack, the lesser worn and more expensive ones should be kept under greater care. Cover your sneakers or trekking shoes in simple laundry bags to keep them away from dust. Heels are best stored in boxes.

Monsoon care for your leathers

Monsoons call for special care for your leathers as they tend to grow moulds on them. Try keeping them in boxes with naphthalene balls and moisture suckers to avoid the moulds.

The best care for your shoes is to wear them as often as possible and let them breathe. They are happiest when they are exploring with you!

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