Venturing solo in your city

Very often we fall out of company not because there is lack of people in our lives but for more subtle reasons like failing to find the people who would go to the same movies and concerts as you may wish to. If you are among the lucky few who still get to go to recitals with people who share a common interest for them, there is little to lament. But for the remainder of us, we are left with fewer people to count on when it come to dropping in at the French film festival. So should you give up all your interests because you haven’t found people with the same understanding and appreciation of art? There are easier ways to subvert this, one of them being going solo.

Although going solo in your city does not sound as romantic as going to travelling solo, that does not mean you should never venture alone in the city. Brave a new restaurant you discover on Zomato even if your colleagues, roommates or friends are not up for exploring a new cuisine. Nobody made social eating at restaurants the norm. You can always savor a meal in solitude. The bill will be small and you will actually be paying for what you ate. You will get to indulge on a dessert without having to share your brownie.

Remember all those times you wanted to go to a classic jazz music concert but your friends preferred to listen to the same rock music in the pub. Crush the social norms which say you should be accompanied with another person to fully enjoy yourself. You will be surprised at how many more shows you will be able to attend without having to consider another being’s schedule and taste. You will just be happy pampering yourself. You may also come across more people who will share your musical interests.

As we grow older, our interests grow stronger and circle of shared interests shrink but the key is to let interests grow even if you are devoid of companions. The world is a big place.

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