Diwali décor guide for the lazy

Diwali is round the corner and if you are one of those poor souls who are not getting to spend it at home with family; there is no reason to divulge in depressing thoughts. You will miss your mom’s homemade sweets and her maniacal cleaning spree but no reason why that should stop you from trying to clean up and decorate your apartment. At home you had spruced up every corner, here too, in this new city you can also try the same with your roommate. Scavenging the time for the task may be an issue but you can always put up a few fairy lights with beer and music after work. Here are a few lazy hacks to go beyond the fairy lights.

Remember all those beer bottles lying around, those can be excellent décor items when put to the right use. Fill them up with tea lights and they become incredible pieces of décor when the light is turned out. Experiment with different colour and shape of glass bottles to add fun to your décor. This is one of the easiest ways of décor.

If you feel Diwali is a time to flex your creative muscles then you can try adding fun elements to your fairy lights. An origami bulb is one of the vast options available. Use coloured papers for each bulb and you will not be able to stop yourself from self-gloat. You can easily find the tutorial online.

Cupcake liners are another easy way of ensuring your tea lights don’t look bland. Since these are easily available in bright colours, you can cut them in flower shapes to add zing to your décor.

Candles when placed in the right place add a different dimension to your room. So place them strategically and see them alter your apartment ambience. You can also try scented candles as they have a therapeutic effect and helps get the festive mood on.

Whatever be your décor, be sure to enjoy yourself this Diwali with or without crackers.

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