Being a roommate

Living with a roommate comes with its own flavours of experiences; some good, some bad, some bitter and some over the moon. Whatever they are, roommates teach us lessons of compromises, sharing, bargains and companionship. The unique relationship grows in an uncharted way making you either close or distant beings living together. Here’s jiving up a few intimate experiences you must be sharing with your flatmate.

Cooking is one of the dicey area every flatmate treads lightly on. If you are a pro cook even then your flatmate will be way of overworking your skills except for weekends, parties and hangover mornings. It may not be as romantic as breakfast in bed but having someone cook for you at the end of the day while discussing the day’s toll is a luxury not enjoyed by all.

One of the many charms of having a flatmate is having two wardrobes. If you are similar sizes then the possibilities of matching and sharing clothes is unlimited. The occasions can be from anything between deciding a Halloween outfit to whenever he or she is out of fresh clothes for a date.

The bliss of a flatmate comes with several compromises like listening to each other’s music. If both of you share a common taste in music then the pain may not be that bad but if he or she is going through musical phases then you might just have to wake up to breakup songs in sync with his or her recent breakup.

Living with a flatmate sharpens your bargaining skill making you smarter domestically. Conversations starting with ‘I will do dishes on Friday if you do my laundry on Thursday’ are common and they make you learn the various curves of life. The bargain holds true as long as both parties maintain their bid.

No matter the love hate relationship we share with our flatmate, it is always nice to have someone to talk to at the end of the day while living in a foreign city away from home.

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