Depressing items to get rid of

Human moods are fragile and they have the potential to be influenced by menial things. Things we may otherwise consider not worthy of attention. Maintaining our mental health in the four walled interiors of our rooms rests in removing depressing items from our living spaces. You may consider cleaning as a more apt way of keeping the hygiene levels up but more often than not we end up accumulating odd things in our lives we would do better without. Here is a small list of those redundant items you can clear off from your life to keep yourself free from mental and physical garbage.

Old newspapers are one of those items which live for a day but live longer on our newspaper racks. An old paper sitting idle on your coffee table or strewn across may mean little to you but its clumsiness can have a depressing effect on our mind.

Your aunty gave you a mermaid porcelain statue on your 18th birthday. You have lovingly placed in your showcase with a thousand other keepsakes you rarely glance at. The showpieces in your apartment need to be updated as much as your wardrobe. If it has lost its sentimental value then its best to clear it away from your immediate sight.

All of us at some point in life get convinced enough to invest on harbouring a hobby, be it guitar, knitting or painting. The remnants of these episodes remain in our apartment long after we had given up on trying to learn a certain chord or figure out knitting. The simple answer is to give away your painting tools if you have stopped using it. You don’t want to be reminded of endeavours you gave up on.

We all love free gifts and often stumble hard to get rid of them. Can you think of any use of the paper sun hat you got for free at the last IPL match? If not, it is probably best to stow it in the dustbin than clutter your space.
These little items rarely count but they can have depressing effects on our minds when we walk in after a long day. At the end of the day everyone likes to come home to a clean living room.

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