How often should you clean your dustbins?

Keeping an apartment clean at all time is a Herculean task not all of us enjoy. Ensuring every item is in their designated place, is one way of keeping it clean, the other being routinely removing your garbage. The second option is a lazy person’s terror and is often not done in regular intervals but it is the surest way of keeping your apartment fresh even if you have clothes strewn across your living room. Timing when you remove your garbage is a lazy hack to ensure you don’t over work yourself filling dustbins with garbage bags.

The frequency and quantity of kitchen wastes generated depend on how much you cook and how frequently. If you cook regularly from scratch then you are definite to have wet wastes like egg shells, vegetable peels and others. If you like gardening then you can try adding them to your potted plants else the waste will need to be taken out every alternate days. You wouldn’t want fruit flies donning your kitchen walls. If it is mostly packaged food cooking for you then you have the bliss of dry wastes, meaning, you can take them out when you see your dustbin brimming with cartons and packets.

A waste bin in bathroom though used sparsely, is a must. However, it doesn’t demand much attention but it does require to be cleaned in regular intervals. Except for sanitary napkins, bathroom wastes are primarily dry wastes. But is essential that you clean your bathroom and its bins to ensure sanitation and hygiene levels.

Dusting and general cleaning around the house generates enough undesirable substances especially if you have a pet. No matter how lazy you feel after a long day of cleaning, it is absolutely necessary that you get rid of the dusted particles to ensure they do not evade your home space for the time being.
It is important to keep in mind that we may not be able to keep our apartments as clean as our mothers, but the effort pays off when you are not invited to your kitchen with the stench of rotten food.

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