Be creative this Christmas

Christmas is round the corner and every city is bathed in bright colours of red, white and green. While most of us try to bring in the Yuletide feel into our homes by purchasing Christmas décor, this year you could make a difference by making your decorations; simple or elaborate, they will be a part of your Christmas. Remember those school days when you would be asked to draw Santa faces and Christmas trees on paper, this year get innovative and let your juices creative juices flow. Here are few simple things you could work on to personalize your Christmas using your hands, nothing that cannot be done over a glass of beer, some laughter and good music.

Cards for Christmas are the most personal way of expressing your greetings. If you manage to send them by post, nothing beats the surprise and touch of compassion those 16 by 16 cm sized papers can express. You card need not be a big piece of art to touch hearts, just a small scribble or doodle of Santa bringing your friend his favourite brand of beer will go a long way to make it cherish able. In a world where we keep everything from memories to money in intangible spaces, having a tangible gift makes everyone feel better.

Christmas decors are the best way of expressing your creativity be it with paper snowflakes stuck on window panes, a Christmas tree decorated with chocolate or a cutout of a big Snowman on your refrigerator, they go a long way in softening one’s heart and help make home sweeter. Be it for yourself, a partner or roommate, it always feels nice to walk into a Christmas themed room.

Food is another way of getting creative in Christmas. If baking is not your cup of tea then try getting a cake with no icing and try your hand in decorating it. Simple efforts are the ones the most fulfilling ones.

Most importantly, free yourself this Christmas and give it some me time and let your mind go wild with creativity!

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