December comfort food list

December is the month meant for warm comfort indoors against the cold chill outside. While all of us try to get home early to our cozy beds and sofas by sundown on December evenings, there are a few food we all crave while getting snuggly under comforters. These foods bring solace to the tired souls and comfort to the stressed. Come December, explore your palate beyond pizza and burger. Here is a list of easy to make comfort food to let your hibernate through December.

For the calorie conscious who want to keep a watch on what their taste buds taste, soups are their forever recluse. Hot, tasty with little effort to cook, soups are an all time favourite in winters. Their wafting smell needs little effort to make and makes even the hungriest soul happy.

With Christmas, December becomes the month for cakes of all shapes and flavours. These sugar coated delicacies are best had straight out of the oven. Although it is not everyone’s forte to bake a cake, you can always walk into a store and judge the ones on display on whether or not they will be able to absolve your sweet cravings.

Instant noodles though not specific to a season, can never be left out of a comfort list as they are the ultimate survival tool kit for anyone away from home and with limited culinary skills. So pop open a packet minus guilt and eat it in company of your favourite soap characters.

Winters come with high calorie burns meaning you need to stock on calories. So try your hand at all those easy to make cheese burst food videos social media keeps popping on your feed. And do so without guilt as nature commands you to pack in more padding.

Hot chocolate is the final entrant in this list as it is the ultimate solace for any soul, starving or otherwise. No matter how hard or happy life gets, never let go of this wondrous kitchen creation of man.

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