Christmas party games for adults

Christmas time is the best time of the year to go partying and to throw parties. If you are a social butterfly away from home planning to throw a party this year, then you will require more than booze and dolled up Santa Claus to make your conglomerate of friends, colleagues and roommates have fun. As a host it falls upon you to make sure everyone has a gala time and not spend their time trying to find a quiet corner in the apartment. Here are a few fun Christmas party games for adults sans the mistletoe to serve as icebreakers.

Halloween may be gone but you can still urge your guests to dress up for the party. Be it a theme or just Santa and Rudolph costume, a hall full of weirdly dressed people always makes for fun conversations.

Carol singing or guessing song names of carols can be the next best Christmas party game you can have. You can also move away from traditional songs to newer Christmas hits. Let your guests guess who sang certain version of ‘Last Christmas’.

If it is a Christmas party, your entertainment area will be adorned with a Christmas tree. Make them guess the number of ornaments you have put up. If you are too lazy as a host you can also make your guests do the tree decoration with bells and toffees laid out for them to choose from. It is a fun group game which will put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Towards the end of the evening, if you are having a dinner table set up for dinner, you can slip an awkward phrase under every guest’s plate and then make them insert that phrase into the dinner table conversation without getting caught. Not only will it keep the conversation rolling, you can be sure there will be no awkward silence.

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