Cleaning tips for Christmas

Christmas much like any other festivity calls for a makeover for your house. If you are not taking major steps like re-painting or shuffling around furniture, then cleaning must be on your cards. The year-end house clearance brings out a lot of scraps we collected during the year, most of which eventually settle as sediments at the back of cupboards and cabinets. We understand that cleaning is not a therapeutic process for all but can be heart wrenching for some when you realize your favourite pair of minion sock has holes. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of the unwanted this Christmas and make space for the coming New Year and its surprises.

Every cleaning spree needs planning in advance to make sure you have enough time to go through each room in your apartment. Make yourself mentally ready to get rid of old unwanted things. Plan a free weekend and make sure you have your cleaning gears in stock as you don’t want to run to the store in dust coated clothes for Cleanx to clean your mirror. Cleaning an entire apartment can get tiring so space it out over the weekend, one room at a time.

Deciding what to throw out from your wardrobe is crucial as most of us fail to decide whether or not we should throw away the brown bear sweater we wore six years ago. If that is the case with, haul up a friend to help you decide when doing wardrobe cleaning. Put on music and beer and you might just get a helping hand to help you scrub the window panes over gossip.

While most of us will be planning what to get rid of in our apartment, it should be kept in mind that there are many who do not enjoy the basics we take for granted. So after you have segregated all that you don’t need, starting from old socks, comforters and underwear, clean them and place them in a box to donate.
You get to make your apartment clean as well as enjoy playing invisible Santa for someone.

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