White lies we tell our roommates

Our relationship with our roommates is a concoction of love and hate. No matter how good or bad they make you feel, he or she is still the first person you want to notify when a person of the opposite gender moves in the apartment above. However, no matter how honest we are with them, there are always a few honest lies we tell them for the fun of it or to stop them from raging over the spoilt towel which you accidentally dropped from the balcony. You blamed it on the wind and the wind silently took it.

If there is a shared refrigerator in your apartment, then chances are there are instances of your craving for the pretty little velvet cupcake, sitting in the refrigerator, winning over any form of abstinence with respect to the roommate treaty. As per the treaty you are not allowed to touch each other’s food but when he or she accuses you of eating, you promptly blame it on the Bruno.
A lot of times bathroom emergencies don’t exactly tend to be emergencies, they just end up being simple white lies-cum-excuses like, last night’s pasta gave me a bad tummy ache to suppress. It often ends up being are sweet revenge for last night’s loud music.

Losing a borrowed item is another common area where we resort to white lies to take the blame off our shoulders. If it is over borrowed headphones then a generic ‘I saw you take it to work today’ is enough to confuse them.
While complimenting on their cooking no matter the burnt soup or over-cooked rice, we tend to drop in a ‘thanks for cooking it, this is great’. It goes a long way in ensuring you get a cooked meal waiting for you at the table when you come home from work.

Regardless of the number of times we have told them a white lie; we always love them and drop in a white lie once in a while for their benefit.

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