Sticking to your resolutions smartly this year

Every New Year comes with hopes of leading a better life and getting better at life. This 2017, you too must have mentally prepared to hit the gym and walk your dog daily. There is no harm in having a resolution but being consistent enough to keep it is a struggle for the 7.4 billion people on earth who entered the New Year. However, it being a new year you can always hope and try to get better at sticking to your resolution. Here are a few quick points to help you actively fulfill your New Year resolution.

It’s a New Year and there should be all the reason for you to be optimistic about everything but that doesn’t mean you aim to reach for the moon at one go. It is a new year not a magical episode of 365 days, so start small with your resolution. Take the baby steps like, ensuring you sleep by 1 PM for you to wake up at 6 AM for a walk. Once you tune your body clock to these timings your body will know it is time for a walk when the alarm starts buzzing.

When you decide on a resolution also decide on a time slot for your resolution of working out. Decide on when and for how long. Even if you are too lazy to do it or feel de-motivated, your brain will set an inner clock which will remind you to hit the gym when it strikes 6 PM when you are heading for your post work burger.

Resolutions should not always be about keeping healthy and working out. Sometimes the fun of doing an activity through a year lies in simpler tasks like writing down every time you feel happy. Store it in an old wine bottle on your mantle and the fun of going through it at the end of the year is incomprehensible. It will be a reflection on what you enjoy doing the most.
Whatever, be your resolution, starting from working out or saying Hi with a smile to every person you interact; make sure you have the patience to do it through.

Happy New Year!

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