Beating the post holiday blues

End of the year holidays are what we look forward to when working long hours. Those anticipated meetups with friends, family, parents is what helps us keep our energy levels high. When the holidays get over in the blink of an eye, the post holiday blues descends just as fast as the holidays tend to get over. All of us hit those moments of emptiness after the last guest of the party leaves the door and we have an empty room filled with confetti. Sinking in the sofa and letting your feet rest for a while taking in a long breath helps in some ways but the blues remain when you realize it’s a new year and your apartment is still empty.

Day after the party, removing the tea lights above the Happy New Year banner can be a little disheartening. But putting up another décor piece in its place, preferably something new adds to the feel of a new year with its new beginning. If you still don’t feel like giving up the Christmas lights, arrange them around your mirror in your bedroom for a different touch to your décor.

There is no harm in making an ‘I miss you’ call to your best friend or siblings when you feel the post holiday blues. Those are the people who understand who you are. And if they too are alone away from home, chances are they are feeling the same. Nothing beats the solace received in sharing loneliness.

Holidays come with their rule of not following any rules. You probably took a break from your walks and diet. Once the holidays are over, it is best to get back on the horse as soon as possible so that you make up for the added holiday weight.

Holidays are a rejuvenation process and are needed by all. But making sure you feel freshened after the holidays is as important as enjoying your holidays so make sure you do not succumb to the post holidays blues.

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