Weekend plans at home with your partner

Amidst life’s rhetoric pace, taking a step back and breathing easy for a while is what we all wish to do. Being to be able to do it with your partner makes it more special. Taking a break does not always mean going away to another place to relax, the best form of relaxation happens in your home. Planning a quiet weekend together at home would mean both of you give yourselves a break from social meetups to spend quality time with each other. Here are a few quick weekend planners for you without stepping out of your house.

If both of you are movie buffs then you could unwind by catching up on your list of ‘Want To Watch’ movies. Plan ahead on your itinerary and rent or borrow them in advance to get lost in the world of reel together.

Before you plan a distressing weekend, it is best to recollect what are the things you jointly enjoy, that makes both of your calm and peaceful. Star gazing is one such option which most people enjoy. While it may be difficult to spot stars in the city sky, you could always hire a telescope to gaze at them and then try spotting your favourite constellations. This, however, is best done in summer.

A weekend at home is about finding the things you enjoy together, no matter how silly or unconventional it looks. If it is gaming you bond over then a gaming challenge is the best way to get close sans the competition. Just remember to let each other win once in awhile.

Food is another mutual area where couples bond. Having a private cook out regardless of who wears the chef’s hat is just another way of enjoying each other. Nothing pleases our souls better than food with the person we love.
No matter where or what you do on your weekend, it is important to just be with each other and enjoy life’s slow pace even if that means guessing cloud shapes while still in bed on a Sunday morning.

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