When your roommate comes home drunk

Every once in awhile alcohol takes over our nervous system and reduces us to a lesser form. While it is fun to see others jibber jabber or appreciate a wall for no reason when intoxicated, when it comes to our roommate, it provides a great meme opportunity for social media space or just Snapchat. While receiving their parents or partner’s call on behalf of them is just one item on the long list you do when your roommate is drunk, there are a few things you need to look out for when your roommate stumbles back home after a Friday night.

If they are high and are enjoying then let them stay in that state, don’t be in a terrific hurry to put them to sleep. If they want to goof around by finally appreciating the new Van Gogh poster you put on the wall, then let them be unless they hurt the fishes in the aquarium, but do keep a close watch as long as they are awake in case they are enlightened with some wild ideas. Maintain a close watch at all times.

Alcohol often tends to dehydrate us so it is important that you keep them hydrated at all times. If they want more alcohol even after crossing their threshold then just slip in some water with soft drinks, chances are they won’t even notice it.

Supporting a roommate when under the influence of alcohol, both mentally and physically is important. If he or she is not a regular drinker, chances are they have done it for some reason, if they start talking, nod along and reassure them of things getting better. You will be surprised at how easily that will placate them.

Even after they pass out try to check on them regularly, check for abnormalities in breathing from time to time, if he or she is sleeping peacefully then congratulate yourself on doing a great job!

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