When your roommate is too loud to handle

Roommates for most parts are helpful and friendly but for the rest of the time they can be bashful, loud and obnoxious. If there is a discord between the accepted level of decibel between you two, then chances are, one of you suffer in silence. When they decide to call their parents or friends at home in a happy miss/mister sunshine voice, it rarely helps you complete your Sunday morning sleep before you head out for brunch. Here are few quick tips to tackle a loud roommate when he or she exceeds your tolerated decibel levels.

If you roommate is loud chances are he or she has held a higher baritone their entire life, if that is the case then you asking them to talk softly like a school teacher will barely make a difference since their own teachers failed. After a few days of living together you should be able to mark of how much of his or her loud behaviours are you going to take. If banging the entire utensil cupboard to find his or hers favourite coffee mug is ok with you then let it go else talk openly with your roommate about closing doors when you are asleep or even talking/ watching tv.

Reminding your roommate constantly to keep the levels down won’t work on the contrary might may make him or her more defensive which is why you also need a few combative methods of your own to not get bothered by the loud Skype sessions. Use your headphones whenever you can or even use loud music to counter theirs, though a sly method, this might actually force them to shift to another room taking their vocal chords with them.

It is very important that you mark off the areas where you refuse to compromise or adjust. When you are working or studying or reading it is best to let them know you will not bear any form of noise-making business.

If it is a party mood your roommate is in on a Friday night, sometimes it is best to give up the silence and join in noise-making; within the accepted decibels of course.

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