Bachelor pad essentials

A house of bachelor or bachelorettes has a décor taste of its own free from the compromises and forced adjustability that comes with marital life. As independent adults this phase of life is when we finally get to choose the wall colour and hang the posters we like albeit making sure it doesn’t damage the walls; at the end the rental tenure, there is still a landlord you are answerable to. However, no matter how varied our tastes may be there are a few bachelor pad essential which gives them their unique flavor of young independence.

An entertainment area is of crucial importance, it speaks heaps about you, talks about your likes. This is probably the best time in your life to be fearless and to put your Minions or Lego structures on display on the mantle if you want. So display them in all glory without being shy. If TV is a part of your relaxation then do invest in a good home theatre.

A coffee table is another staple that binds a home. Keep it at optimum distance from the sofa and it will be the most welcoming piece of furniture when you cross your legs on it after a long day at work.

Mood lighting is increasingly becoming a new area to set a theme for your apartment. Soft yellow lights placed strategically across the apartment can spell relaxation. If bright lighting is your preference then you can always play around with neon lighting.

Bars play to a special heart string in bachelor pads. When done right, it can often be the centre piece of your apartment. Accessorizing your mini-bar no matter how small helps you win cookie points for your décor.

A bathroom is another defining area in an apartment. No matter which room your friends or guests see or don’t see, they are sure to use the bathroom once. So follow the essential of keeping it clean. You can also spruce it up with a few magazines of your taste when you or your guests.

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