Cutting down on sugar

There a few reluctant lifestyle changes we all make up our minds to follow when loud magazines and web articles tell us to do so. Cutting sugar from our diet has become one such fancy fad. Health experts don’t equate sugar cut down as a means of losing weight but a change that will keep heart diseases and depression at bay. Some even consider sugar addiction to be linked with depression, anxiety and a bad lifestyle altogether. Whatever may be your reason for cutting down sugar, it can have health benefits like enhanced metabolism and healthier heart. Here are a few quick tips to help you overcome the temptation of sugar.

As with any other habits, give your mind, body and cravings time to get acclimatized to lower intake of sugar. A period of 30 days is a reasonably safe time. Also remember to take it one step at a time and not stop sugar consumption altogether.

An easy way to cut sugar is by stopping yourself from adding sugar to regular beverages like tea and coffee. We also tend to add it to yogurt, try alternatives like chaat masala in small quantities to make it spicy over sweet.

Bread spreads in breakfast could very well be said to be the first dose of sugar our body gets. Try peanut butter instead with has relatively less amount of sugar compared to jam or jelly. You can also try reserving Nutella for special occasions like birthdays.

Every time we replace water with synthetic fluids, we consume unwanted sugar through packaged juices, soda and aerated drinks. Abolishing these is an easy way to cut down on sugar.

There is another severe way of cutting down on sugar and that is by skipping dessert. Though brutal, it is the surest way to avoid the temptation of sugar while saving money.

Lack of sleep has often been equated with sweet cravings so sleep more and feel strengthened enough to fight back temptations when you walk past a bakery en route to work or any other temptations Satan may throw on your way.

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