Good habits for a happier life

Our habits play a role in our quality of life no matter how ephemeral they are. Some habits when cultivated for a long time can actually help improve physical and mental health. Needless to say good habits are the hardest to cultivate and nourish but when done they really can do wonders starting from your temper to your skin thereby also improving your relationship with the people around you. Science says a habit takes 30 days to totally get inculcated in your life, in your childhood with the help of pestering parents it took less, but as adults you will have to do the hard task of pushing your willpower uphill to become a person with better discipline. Here are a few habits for you to start with.

Wake up early, this is the most basic lifestyle tip shared by any health expert on talk shows as well as by your granny. However, long nights mean this does not always fructify but you can try waking up at least two hours before you leave for work to get more done out of your mornings. Make sure you make your bed as soon as you wake up so that you no longer get tempted by a bed strewn with warm disheveled blankets.  

Having a breakfast like a king actually means you get to keep your digestive systems busy longer thereby keeping you away from pesky snacks. Try recreating the breakfast spread shown on cereal boxes, no matter the capitalist flavours they advertise, they do speak the truth about having a rounded breakfast, so add a few fruit slices and a picture perfect glass of juice.

Everyday try to allot a lone time for yourself so that you can reflect and think, preferably not about work. How you chose to spend you lone time is up to you, you could try walking your dog, strolling or running.

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