7 annoying roomie habits you get used to

Living with a roommate is a situation not all of us grow up in; most of us embrace it in our adulthood right after gaining financial independence. As exulting as it may be to live alone in a city with a person you may have little prior knowledge of, living with roommate is something we all grow or adjust to. Here are a few annoying roommate practices most people in this world learn to live with.

Leaving wet/dry items in the bathroom

Very few roommates successfully complete the learning curve of which items to leave in the bathroom, while occasionally forgetting a used towel is acceptable; showering with freshly laundered clothes left to dry in the bathroom can be cringe-worthy for you. Nevertheless you forget to complain the moment you step out of the bathroom.

Singing in the bathroom

Though not an entirely annoying habit, as it leads to great social media posts, prolonged singing session can get on your nerve if you exerting bladder control or when your tight schedule stretches every minute to fifteen.

When their partner becomes a pseudo-roommate

This becomes a common phenomenon often but if the partner is adjustable you might just end up finding a good friend to share pizza and movies.

Letting utensils ferment on the sink

Roommates often forget the policy of cleaning a plate or vessel after using it, which is why they sit pretty on the sink for days. Though an extremely gross thing to do, after repeated warnings and scrubbing it yourself, your eyes just learn to stop noticing it.

Not being able to decide what to wear

Be it a date, party or meeting, a roommate’s mind oscillating between black dress and jeans can get on your nerves but then again it is also fun to see them ransack their wardrobe and finally settle for something you own.  

Ignoring the alarm

Snoozing an alarm ten times before finally waking up two hours later can play havoc for you when you intend to sleep late, but then after a few months, your body learns to ignore it and stops pulling you away from your dream land.

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