Deciding your bedside table décor

Furniture exists to help us hold our possessions, be it a Victorian era dark wood cabinet or a sleek wardrobe with lights that switch on when doors are opened, a bedside table, unlike our wardrobes or cabinets which hold personal objects, is a personal piece as it is the last item you touch or keep your belongings on including your cell phone before you close your eyes in darkness every night. How you decorate your bedside table is another way of expressing yourself. Here are few tips on how to get the best out of your bedside table.

There is no stipulated size or type for bedside tables. If you are tight on budget then feel free to use your imagination to create a bedside table. It could even be a used fruit crate kept vertically or two such crates screwed on top of each other, they all exude your personality and best emulates your décor sense. If a claw feet brass table collected during a garage sale is more of your call then go ahead with it.

Depending on what or how many items you want to place on your bedside table, you may want to opt for one with multiple drawers or one with none at all. If it is remodeling your granny’s bedside table then its chest of drawers could mean you get to throw in emergency items like condoms, lens solutions, tissue, ipad or even your current reading material. They stop you from cluttering the top with medicine tabs, loose change or ornaments removed last moment.

An uncluttered bedside table is just one of those things that help you ease after a hard day even if your room is turned upside down. Whether it’s a plant or a stack of books or a glass picture frame of your family, they best reflect you and your interest and will probably be the first thing you see in the morning. So choose to keep something familiar and placating, the sight of which will put you in a good mood even if there is 10 minutes left for you to clock-in at work.

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