Going green with your roommate

In our day to day lives we unconsciously make choices which adversely affect the environment. Even though we may want to save the environment in our hearts, changing a few of our habits can go a long way in doing your individual bit to save Mother Nature. Our unconscious lifestyle choices can be altered to an extent through awareness. Attempting to go green with your roommate ensures that you have a greener home and healthier lifestyle. Here are a few ways in which you can go green jointly with your roommate.

Reducing plastic consumption is one of the basic ways of going green. Simple steps like carrying a cloth bag when you go grocery shopping helps in cutting down on plastic consumption. Attempts at recycling and reusing regular discarded items like shampoo bottles and take-away-containers helps you run a more economical household. At the end of the month, carry your collected wastes like newspapers, online delivery packaging and others to the nearest newspaper seller instead of just throwing them in trash can. It may not be a lot of money, but it sure will reward you with an ice-cream.

Going digital with your bills is a small step towards reducing paper consumption. Even going digital with your newspaper subscription goes a long way. Reusable scribble pads stuck on refrigerators mean you get to exchange notes without using paper.

Save power by turning off gadgets when not in use, this small step not only reduces your electricity bills but also contribute to saving nature. Make it a routine to turn down your air conditioners once a week for two hours to simply enjoy natural breeze with your roommate. It can also lead to roommate bonding.

Adding plants to your apartment is a surer way of cooling your apartment naturally. Even if you are not particularly interested in gardening, you can add a few low maintenance plants in various corners of the apartment. They not only add to the decor but also let you breathe fresh air.

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