Things to store under your bed

Storage is an issue we all deal with starting from where to put the extra food to the new pair of shoes you bought. While stuffing them and trying to avoid the bulging cupboard door is one way of sorting it, another solution could be finding newer places to store things in your apartment. One of the lesser explored places of storage is the space underneath your bed. Regardless of whether you opted for a box bed or just a simple bed, the space underneath can be put to better use than housing rolled away beer bottles and chocolate wrappers. Beds hold a relatively large space making them perfect for storing things you generally would not need on a daily basis.

If you have a covered storage space underneath your bed, then it is the perfect spot for storing extra bedding. Your extra blankets, pillows as well as seasonal clothing like heavy jackets can be stored there. They will remain smug and dry. An afternoon in the sun is all it takes to kill the musty smell in case there is any when you pull them out for winters or when guests stay over.

If you own too many books and little furniture to hold them you can try storing them under your bed. Make sure they are termite free. Throw in a few naphthalene balls and they will be good as new.

Travel bags are a menace to store if you don’t travel frequently. Storing them under the bed is a good option. You can even try filling them with extra clothes you don’t wear but are too attached to discard or give away.

If you are a person who shops for shoes compulsively but already have an overflowing shoe rack then you can try organizing them under your bed in pull out crates where they can just sit there for you to chose from.

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