Dividing chores with a roommate

Living with a roommate comes with its own perks and irks as you adjust and compromise to live with another human being. Ideally, the adjustment and compromises should be exchanged equally from both sides but in real life, the ideal situation never occurs. The balance in brought through discussions, addressing anger and resentment. All of which may lead to a rocky relationship with your roommate but there are always more civil ways of reminding your roommate to do his or her chores without yelling or turning cold. Below are a few tips to solving problems with your roommate without creating additional ones.

As soon as you shift in together, it is best to divide the chores. Exchange each other’s preferences and establish a chore cycle of who will shop for groceries at which interval. You can try creating a chore table and hang it in a common place like the refrigerator so that both are clear on who does what and when.

If the old school pen and paper is not enough for you to remember which vegetable oil you use in the kitchen then you can always turn to your smartphone to give you a helping hand. Try chore organizing apps like Chore Checklist. You can even try creating lists online and share it with your roommate so that you are both on the same page.

If you feel your roommate is not contributing his part, do lend a patient ear. Hear his or her reasons but entertain requests not excuses. If he finds Wednesday breakfast cooking not feasible then offer to exchange it for another chore.

There are always people who never pull in their weight, in that case it is best not to divide your work. If you have the bliss of two bathrooms then just stick to keeping your one clean and avoid looking into his.

Accepting the difference in lifestyle pattern when living with a roommate goes a long way in making sure you cohabit peacefully. So no matter the eccentricities, accept that he or she is a different human being and prefers to do dishes late at night before going to bed and not right after dinner.

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