Making new friends at a new job

Moving to a new city for a new job and settling in a new apartment means you are inevitably going to miss known faces from home. While a new city is often equated with new beginnings with new people; it is not always that simple for all to be outgoing enough with strangers. But then again closeness is built through investments of time and energy. While it is not expected of you to become the favorite kid at work, you can still try to be social enough to have a few close associates who will warn you when your boss is in a bad mood. Here are few tips on making new friends in a new place.

When people ask you out, in groups, try to accept it by compromising on your sleep for a few days. After a few outings in the same group you will have better judgment of whether or not you like these people outside work. Such open invitations exist only for a weeks at the beginning before people start forming closed groups. If you do not like to stay in groups, these outings still help you to discover your go-to person in a new environment.

If you are looking for friends with particular interests, joining groups help you find them. Be it hiking, travelling or just food, city based groups on Facebook helps you find them. Even exploring newer areas of interests help if you are open to experimentation.

While you look for friends in a new city, it is equally important that you be sure of who you want to be in this new city. Being influenced too much by friends in your early adult life rarely helps you grow and create your identity. So be particular about who share your time with.

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