Tasks we do with our roommates

When living alone in a city, a roommate is probably the one person you come back to every day. Be it a close relationship where you share work gossip or a reserved one where you stick to casual talks, whatever be the level of closeness you share, there are always a few activities you as a roommate or flatmate do together. Here is a short list of those activities you do or should be doing together.

Once in a blue moon when you decide to clean the apartment and not just your room, several pairs of hands come together as your roommates lend a hand. You may divide the rooms for faster work or simply sit down and enjoy an old comic book you discover behind the cupboard.

For bachelors living together, monthly shopping primarily includes stocking on Maggi, instant soups and some vegetables when there is change to spare. Chances are you do it with your roommate as you can never really figure out which flavor of potato chips he or she wants this month.

Sunday afternoons are dedicated to doing nothing which means you do not go out or answer texts with invitations of meetups. You and your roommate probably just challenge each other on FIFA or nap on the sofa while watching an old movie on the TV.

It is always annoying to be woken up by an alarm clock hence roommates voluntarily become one for special occasions like an early morning flight or when you are getting extremely late for work. A true roommate devices smart techniques like cold water or loud drum beats to wake up his or her roommate.

When an interesting or uninteresting neighbor moves in the next apartment, it is always your roommate you share the gossip with. As roommates, both of you share a world separate from each other’s family and friends so cherish it and keep finding new tasks to do together even if it includes finding the perfect broom which will clean as well as kill spiders with great efficiency.

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