Do you need help for the apartment upkeep?

Living alone away from home has its perks and irks. When you shift to a new place there are hordes of tasks to do along with critical decision makings on how you will run your home. Regardless of whether you stay with a roommate or alone, we all go through sessions of do I need curtains in the dining room or will just bedroom be fine. Amidst all such questions there is also the task of deciding how much help you want to run your home. A maid is one such crucial person whose importance in your life is revealed when you come back home to unmade beds and dishes in the sink and you energy levels to attend those tasks.

Whether or not you want a maid to help in the upkeep of your apartment is an entirely personal decision depending on several factors like finance, time and availability.

A maid comes at a cost which may not be afforded by all, in which case you can always opt out of it. Plan your schedule to accommodate time to do dishes and clean your room. While cleaning can be mostly left for the weekend, dishes and dustbins need to be cleared more often.

Reliability also becomes an issue when you are considering keeping a maid. If it is someone unknown you would prefer to be present when he or she is at work. If you have a job with set hours and can be sure to be home by 6 PM then you are more suited to have a maid.

If you are the type of person who prefers to nurture their lazy bones then a maid may suit you better. But for those who like doing mundane tasks around the house, a set one hour spent daily on keeping the apartment clean, a maid can be skipped. For such cleanliness freaks, puffing pillows and straightening the creases on the bed sheet serves as a form of meditation. So know you level of energy and decide accordingly.


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