Dividing assets between roommates

You move into a new apartment with a roommate. There is much that needs to be added to the apartment to make it cozy with additions like an air cooler, microwave, a television probably. So you decide to get it together. The amount divided equally. But now you are shifting to a different city with a different job, what happens to the microwave and air cooler you paid for half? The situation is similar to what a divorced couple goes through and you have every reason to feel worried when it comes to dividing assets between roommates. Read along to find out how to make it easier.

The thumb rule to buying common property is to buy only what is necessary. If you are living in a stuffy room, an air conditioner becomes necessary but not a hand blender for the once in a blue moon cocktail parties you plan throw at home.

When you are moving out there will always be disputes over who gets to keep the flat screen television and the microwave oven you bought together. While one of you may need the TV in his or her new apartment, the other may be shifting to a place without a microwave oven. So decide accordingly and pay for the rest of the rest of the share to purchase the appliance at the time of leaving.

When moving out, our decision making skills need to be piqued so that we are able to leave behind unnecessary thing when we move on to a new phase of life. So no matter how expensive the cozy chair you bought together is, it is always advisable to leave it behind since there will be no place for it in your new furnished apartment.

Granted, dividing common possessions becomes a hard task but with a little cooperation and understanding it can be made possible. Even if it is a fight over who gets to keep the beer pitcher.

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