Your keys symbolize your independence

Small, jingly, yet each uniquely strung together by a single string, keys do more than just open doors for you. Simply carrying a bunch of keys are symbols of independence and ownership. As a young adult adulting for the first time, your key rings are worth more in your life than having to waiting for your roommate to return outside your apartment because you left your keys inside. Your keys are a reflection of you so be more innovative with your key chain alongside being more careful with them. So here are a few pointers on how to do more with your key rings.

Your key ring should be a reflection of you and who you are. So personalize them based on your interests. Ditch the store brought fancy key ring and create something. Let the sailor in you come out with a sailor knot tied onto your key ring. Personalize it to best reveal you even if it means writing ‘I love Pokemon’ as a 25 years old.

A key chain can carry more than just keys. You can further accessories it to carry your headphones or USB chord by a adding a tiny pouch to it. The message again on it will reveal a little more about you. If you are a hygiene freak, a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer is sure to let you have every meal peacefully.

If you use fashion to best express yourself then why not use your key chain to add to your factors. Let people be a little amazed when you pull out your bunch of keys. No matter how late the night is or how much hurry you are in to get in, you are sure to receive a compliment. So enjoy your independence and the power of ownership with a personalized key chain.

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