Taking time off for a roommate

Time is invaluable for millennial which is why dividing time even for basic human interactions becomes important. For an individual living alone away from home their time is mostly inter spaced between, work, friends and phone calls to relatives. However, often if not always they tend to forget there also exists another human being in their life, relationship with whom needs some nourishment in the form of time spent. That important person is your roommate. You need not be close buddies with your roommate to spend time but doing it gradually can help make a bond that survives and keeps things peaceful domestically. Here a few tricks to keep things flowing.

Dedicate some time off every month to spend time with your roommate even if it is a movie or just dinner. Remember there are always times when you or your roommate is looking for someone to go out with to a new or old restaurant or a concert. Try to grab those moments even if it means napping a little less on weekends.

Simply spending some time home together watching a match also works well. Order food together as sharing is always equal to bonding. Your roommate does not have to be your best friend but doing a few things like grocery shopping together helps.

Try to talk daily with your roommate even if it is just complaining about work or the biriyani treat you got from a colleague. Catching up with each other even for five minutes counts a lot. It is all done to have a simple bond where you each have each other’s back.

Taking time off for a roommate can also be done by cooking for your roommate. Fix up a special lunch on a Sunday and see him or her face glow. And then simply laze on the new sofa you both rented. Nothing works well than being lazy together.

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