Salient rules you wish your roommate knew

Roommates can be harmonious as well as disharmonious creatures in your life at the same time. They simultaneously possess the power to bring a smile or frown on your face depending on where they place the banana milk shake glass. As precious as they are in our life, we all wish they learnt a few salient rules of being roommates so as to not get on each other nerves. If you too wish he or she picked up a few silent rules of living with another human being then do make them read this list.

Replace toilet paper

Not replacing the toilet paper after you have reached the end of the roll can be absolute nerve rackers, so if you have finished it do replace it.

Do not dunk your wet clothes on my dry ones

Dry clothes are precious which is why your wet clothes callously spread over it or alongside it has the potential of raging any roommate.

Ask before you switch the tv

We enjoy watching television together be it football matches or Big Boss but asking before switching over to a different channel would not hurt anyone.

Do not use my shampoo

If I leave behind my toiletries in the common washroom, they do not become common property for you to use. If you want to use my new shampoo, ask instead of me finding out by sniffing the air.

My cooking is not an invitation for you to share

Unless we have an existing understanding of common cooking, everything I churn out of the kitchen is not for you to eat.

Food in refrigerator is not common property

If there are sweets in the fridge they are not meant for your consumption unless I have told you so.

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