Cutting down on your screen time

As millennials we have become hard wired to check our phone every 10 minutes. As great as it may be for you to be constantly updated on your Facebook feed, it is affecting your personal activities by increasing your screen time and reducing your real time activity time. Screen time is primarily the time you spend gazing at your phone or other devices. As important as it may be to do it at work, we often spend our screen time doing non-productive activities with our phone. No matter how smart our devices get in ensuring we face no eye strain while looking at our screens, we are biologically not expected to grazing at a pixelated screen 24*7. So here is a list of precautions to follow to reduce your screen time.

Bed-time is meant for absolute relaxation for your body. Lying bed scrolling through your twitter feed does not count as relaxation which is why we all require stricter rules to not touch our phone an hour before bed. It is the ultimate formula to wind down after a day’s activity.

Every comment on your profile picture does not require an instant reply. So have a designated time for browsing through your social media feed. Work commute is a great time to do it. Similarly, mail replies should be done at a particular time of the day and not the instant your phone pings.

Lunch or dinner time with another fellow human being is sacred so use it to interact instead of mere screen-time. If you are alone, read the paper or simply look at other humans talking, no matter what, stay away from screens. Save some time for your mind to simply wander.

For those of you who live with the habit of carrying their phone to the bathroom, stop it. Apart from elongating your time in the bathroom, it is merely another time you can cut-out on screen-time from your life.

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