Weird things people do in a kitchen

A kitchen is a mystical place which holds the potential of magically turning raw food into edible ones. While this room holds the ultimate test for all your senses from sight, taste, smell, hear and touch, the four walls of your kitchen also possess the power to transport to another universe when you are cooking which may explain why people when left alone in a kitchen tend to behave weirdly. Why else do you think every human beings appear out of a kitchen with a smile?

Very often if not always people cooking imagine themselves to be in a cookery show when cooking. Popular culture is so ingrained in us that we tend to lose ourselves as we stir the ladle or sniff the rising aroma from sautéing the onion and tomatoes in olive oil.

OCD’s come in all shapes and sizes, for some it is scrubbing floor while for others it is arranging utensils in ascending or descending order of size. Cutlery too is included under this for some. Now you get the drift of all the clanking of utensils in the kitchen.

For some people a yoga mat is not the only way for doing stretches. Sometimes it is done in the kitchen too when they are cutting vegetables by alternating between left hand and right hand. Or even a few squats while they wait for the pressure cooker to whistle.

Hot oil tempering on the stove sometimes possess great power of crackling. The key to finely tempered mustard seed and green chilies for your dhokla is to run away as soon as you drop them in the oil. I have practically never gotten over this habit. After the first hot oil splatter experience, you acquire this as a reflex.

When you are guarded by the four walls of your kitchen, there exists no limitation or societal pressure on your food combination. Be it aachar spread over crackers or spinach soup with sun dried tomatoes, the sky is the limit as long as no one catches you dipping your white chocolate bar in the peanut butter jar.

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