What people do when they live alone

Living alone comes with independence and air of not having anyone to be answerable to. When you live alone, you discover yourself. As surprising as it may sound, you realize you get the weekend kick after grocery shopping every Saturday. The Friday night allure barely makes any difference to you at work. It is these tiny little habits, expressions that makes you, you. So here is a list of habits we all develop while living alone. If you have more, please share.

You develop a penchant for googling everything, starting from if you can get pimples on your forehead to if it can be a tumour. Yes, we all tend to call up our parents for cross-checking but it is always Google who gives you the first nod. Medical emergencies or enquiries are always answered by Google.

If you are an ardent cook, chances are that the first thought you have in your mind after you have taken the first spoon of your curry is call yourself a ‘sexy cook’. And you have every right to call yourself that even if the curry did not turn out to be picture-perfect like the Pinterest post.

Living alone means you never feel the need to cover yourself. Remember it was only because Adam and Eve lived together that they felt the need to cover. The first thing you dismember from your body is probably your tie or bra, no matter which article of clothing it is, you feel so much more free knowing there is not another being to judge you.

There remains no need for headphones when you live alone. Instead you replace them with loudspeakers. On the bright side, you listen to a single track on look without any fear of being judged.

Living alone gives you the freedom of sleeping and eating anywhere, anytime. The bed and table are no longer restrictions. You might just end up reading your book on the floor lazing on the fluffy new carpet you got. And all I can say is, why not.

Living alone does not always equate to being lonely, when you discover you are your best companion there is nothing like home sweet home.

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