What to avoid after a workout

Getting yourself to work out or stretch is probably an ambitious aim that almost all of us wishes gets fulfilled in our lives. While few of us actually get down to doing those squats and planks, there are certain do’s and dont’s that should be followed even after your work out sessions. Despite the energy high that you get after the session, we tend to slump and do activities that may eventually undo all the sweat we put out. So read along on what not to do after a workout. 


Every hard work deserves reward and your work out session also needs to be followed by a break. If you reach your work out goal within 20 minutes with 10 minutes to spare, do not push yourself on day one of the achievement itself. Instead, give yourself a break or do a less heavy workout.


Skipping food post-work out with the idea of multiplying on your weight loss is a bad idea as your body needs to be replenished. However, the quality of your food is what eventually decides the fate of your waist-line. Gorging on cheese fries is an absolute mistake but a fruit shake minus added sugar should have you sorted till the next meal.


Calming our bodies is important after a gym session. While passing out on your sofa or yoga mat may seem tempting, a simpler way is to end your session much like you started with simple stretches. The non-intensive movements ensure your body slows down at a pace without contracting muscles abruptly.


Fluids are crucial when you are working out which is why water should always be your workout buddy. The first item to go down your throat should be water. Energy drinks though advertised to be perfect after work-out drinks are best avoided unless you have ran a marathon. 

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