Easing shifting blue for your pets

Moving out and moving in to a new place can be tedious. For most of us it is the packing and unpacking that takes a toll on us. The change of place barely bothers except for one night of disrupted sleep, but for our pets it is equivalent to shifting to a different planet. It is a new place with new and unfamiliar smell. Getting them accustomed to the new surrounding takes time which is why you need to make the process familiar for them by easing them into their new surrounding. Here are a few quick tips to help your furry friends get familiar to their new home. After a few days they will start to enjoy the new patio you got just to see them bask in the sun.


As soon as you reach your new apartment, make sure you set out his toys and blanket. It is advisable that you unpack your pet toys first so as give them a sense that this is their new home. Try to set up the pet area so as to give your fur ball an idea that it is his place. Be sure to carry their toy unwashed as they its smell is what makes them associate with it.


Look up a veterinary to be on the safe side. Travel itself takes a toll on your pets so be sure to be well prepared in advance. You don’t want to be that parent with a sick pet clueless in a new place.


Shifting with pets comes with its own challenges. Be sure to update their microchips as soon as possible. It is only when they are in new surroundings that they possibility of running away arises. Take them out for walks with a close watch and a shorter leash. Make them familiar with the pavement outside and the park and also the place where they will have to relieve themselves.


Shifting creates disruptions in our lives but for your pet you have to make sure it is minimal. Stick to snuggles on Sunday morning and dinner at 8.30 PM. If there are changes in your work timings try to get home around your previous schedule and then slowly delay it by few minutes each day.


Slow and steady is the mantra to making shifting easy for your pets.


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