How To Keep Your Security Deposit Intact

Renting an apartment often comes with reduced responsibilities of paying and managing a home loan, but the security deposit you make for the apartment is money hard earned with your labour. We all wish never to let go of our security deposits but a draconian landlord willing to unleash hell for a scratch on his gas stove does have the power to reduce your deposit. But here a few easy steps to make sure you do not let go of your dear security deposit.

Nothing secures your security deposit than maintaining a good relationship with your landlord. Always be respectful with him or her and nothing says that like paying your rent on time. If you are able to build a good relationship, then there will be times when he or she will actually support you when neighbours complain out of habit than reason.

Honesty is the best policy which is why always be honest with your landlord or lady. If you plan on getting pets be sure to mention it. If you end up with a rescue pet with no prior planning, be sure to mention it too. Maybe show it to them too, nobody can say no to those beady eyes.

A surer way of losing out on your security deposit is not cleaning before leaving. Chances are he or she might deduct it from your deposit if you do not do the deed yourself. So trash away your beer bottles and the cigarette butts from under the sofa.

Not giving enough notice to your landlord before moving out can always be a reason for reducing your security deposit. Unless you were handed over the transfer letter overnight, be sure to let him know in advance.

If there are fixings to be done around the apartment be sure let your landlord know. DIY projects do not always have a happy ending which is why getting professional help to fix stuff works. Even a landlord would not want shoddy work in his apartment so let him know and he might just do it for you.


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