Break rule at work

Maintaining an impeccable work record and a flat tummy is hard to attain as a millennial. While crunching your schedule for time in the gym is one way of going about it, not everyone has the luxury of time while trying to impress an ever demanding boss. Making your mark is hard, but it is easy to leave a mark on your body as you punch in over 10 hours at work. Restricted mobility is one reason behind our increasingly flabby bodies. Here are a few tips on how to stop your body from depositing fat while at work.

On an average we spend nine hours at work, with roughly two breaks in between. At work, time management is crucial for you to get out of work when your nine hours is up. Timing your breaks is crucial for maintaining focus as well as allotting stipulated time for each segment of your work. Research advices that you take a break every five minutes for an hour of work. In that five minutes try to walk around the office or block to get some exercise. It will also give your eyes some relief from staring at the computer screen.

If you are headed for a longer break, make sure to walk for 15 minutes, this would mean that if you are ordering food, it is best to walk to the nearby sandwich place instead of delivering it. You will save a few bucks on delivery charges as well as decrease your body insulation.

Setting time goals also helps you focus on your work better. It drives our mind towards concentrating to finish work within the stipulated time frame. If you are not great at keeping track of time while working, set alarms in your phone.

People take breaks differently, how they spend it also depends on them but making sure you improve on your breaks to do something useful instead of check on your phone goes a long way in making your day more productive.

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