How Much Should You Drink At House Parties?

Weekends come with invitations of parties with alcohol. Regardless of whether you are a drinker or not, you will be asked to down a drink. While some figure out their drinking capacity well into their college years, for most of us, the question lies mostly unanswered. How much to drink, where to drink and who to drink with are questions with variable answers best figured early. While we can’t say who you drink with, we can surely try to tell you how much you should drink.

Every person has a varying affinity for alcohol. While some imbibe like fishes, others are best restricted to drinking water. When you are at a house party, it is important that you stay in your senses towards the end of it instead of passing out and making scene and gossip for next morning. If it is a party thrown by a formal acquaintance, stick to two drinks. Do remind yourself when you itch for a third drink that you have to head back home and it is best not to make a fool of yourself in front of colleagues. Whose party you are attending thus becomes an important question.

Not all parties are meant to go all out drunk. If it is your bestfriend’s birthday party and you have a place to crash in, then you can pull out all the guns keeping your health in mind but then again if it is a work day the next day stop yourself. At other times, just getting a slight buzz even with two drinks works fine.

It is important that you make sure your drinks last through the party, so instead of gulping it down at one go, sip at intervals. Bottoms up are best done when the party is nearly over and you are about to leave.

However, rules are meant to be broken, so you can increase your drinks but always do so responsibly.

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