Finding Your Shopping Soul Mate

Finding a soul mate who fits with you like a jigsaw puzzle is hard more so because everyone seems to be looking for one. Finding the perfect life partner is hard, a soul mate even harder to find is a shopping soul mate. Ask any man or woman and chances are they may have found a soul mate in their lover but a shopping soul mate is rare to come by. Here are a few tips for you to recognize one so that you never let go of them once you spot them.

A true shopping soul mate is never tired of walking with you, even if it is the hundredth store you are heading to, to find the perfect pair of beige shorts with a single rose embossed on the left hem.

Time is not a consideration if you are shopping with your soul mate. A true soul mate understands the intricacy of shopping with you and will cancel any other appointments for the day knowing that there is no end to how long you can shop. On the other hand, if you are a fast shopper then your soul mate understands that picking a pair of jeans in the mall won’t take you more than 20 minutes.

They will go to any distance with you to find the perfect earrings, even if it means driving for two hours to go to a downtown boutique. They will understand your urgency and the need to get that particular item which is not found anywhere in malls.

They will solemnly agree with you that malls are not the only place to shop in. Good clothes can crop up anywhere. Even if it is a rare denim jacket found in a thrift store at the bus station.

A true shopping soul mate is always available for you. Every weekend is open for them as long it is shopping on the activity list.

You always have each other for honest feedback. If the neon green tee looks ugly on you. They will say it up front. You always agree on disagreements.

They have a bloodhound’s nose when it comes to sniffing out sales and evergreen clothes in any store.

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