The Fail Mantra of Skipping Breakfast on Weekends


Breakfast is the must have meal during weekdays. While we eat our breakfast like kings and queens and our dinners like Mughals, we forget one crucial point. We keep our repertoire only for weekdays, during weekends, our food schedules are tossed away. Try remembering the last time you had breakfast on a Sunday or Saturday. If you can’t, chances are you have been skipping it to make up for your sleep.

Weekends should at all times be dedicated to catching up on sleep but you have to remember to feed yourself somewhere in between sleeps. Brunch every weekend should ideally not be the case since you will simply be taking in all the calories you lost while skipping breakfast at one go. Instead have little in gaps.

Skipping breakfast during weekends seems to have become a norm for most millennials as a tight work schedule ensures they wake up and eat on time to stay focused and energized but weekends are when no rules apply and their tight meal times becomes unwrapped. An easier way to beat this while you sleep through Saturday morning is to ensure you grab a juice or sandwich as you head out to your brunch meet up so as to give your body a heads up and get your system started.

Our mothers are pros at pushing down food down our throats as we doze but when you are living alone, there is hardly anyone to wake you up to freshly made breakfast sans a nice boyfriend or girlfriend. But no matter who is there or not there, be sure to feed yourself before the clock strikes 12 PM on weekends to keep yourself healthier. Skipping breakfast on weekend rarely works for your fitness mantra.

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