Diwali Décor Hacks For The Lazy

Coming home to a house sans décor when it is Diwali can be heartbreaking. But then again, we are left with little energy once we cross our home sweet home’s doormat after a long day at work. If you are feeling guilty for not doing enough to usher in the celebrations, there are lazy hacks for getting around. These hacks involve neither large amount of money nor time but will still set the festive mood for you in case your boss declined your Diwali leave. Read along to find out easy Diwali décor hacks for the tired and lazy ones who are not heading home this year.

When planning your décor, keep in mind to strike a balance between lighting and centre pieces. While lighting is mostly about making sure the ends of your fairy lights reach the switch board, creating centre pieces can take a little more time. Alternatively, you can create centre pieces out of fairy lights allowing a little show of light and shadow to bring the mood. Simply repurposing your empty beer bottles by filling them with fairy lights is the easiest possible décor idea. Stack them in a pyramid and you will have a conversation starter.

Making a rangoli for Diwali can be time consuming unless it is your ultimate Diwali distressing ritual. You can replace the coloured powder with flower petals and diyas. They make a stellar combo. The petals even add to natural fragrance.

When doing your décor, you want to tap into all your senses which includes sights and smell. You need not turn your apartment in to a potpourri but then again scented candles around the apartment helps. Wrap the candles creatively with left over crochet pieces and your have interesting lamps. Alternatively you can also slip them into jam jars or cake jars. The golden glow looks great anywhere.

Placement of the pieces is also important. Make sure you have lighted piece in each room even if you do not drape the wall with light.

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