Desi Replacements of Mason Jars

The world is a buzz with the glory of mason jars. Their functionality, rustic elegance and durability are making them the hot topic for lifestyle videos, blogs and articles. If you are wondering where you can find them to stylize your home, look no further than Big Bazaar for the departmental giant is selling them for Rs. 150 apiece. If you are wondering when the dynamics of the world of decor changed for you to store turmeric in such expensive jars, then chances are you have been living under a stone. Fancy as the jars may look, chances are that the new café on the block is serving juices in these jar, they seem to have won the world over. But you need not blow up a wholesome amount of your earning for these jars, for there exists desi versions of them which the decor world is yet to discover.

Mason jars may be fashionable at the moment but ceramic pickle jars, the ones used by your grandma to create lip smacking pickle hold great power to give your kitchen a contemporary look. These humble jars are great for storing items in big quantity like rice while keeping the chic factor on.

If you are looking for smart jars then look no further than the cake jars you get your red velvet cake in. Scrub the label off and their bare glass with golden tin lid makes for a great look. And the best part, is you get to eat cake while getting them apart from recycling and reusing of course.

Sustainable lifestyles are pushing us to look for options beyond plastic and that is when re purposing every glass item you come across comes handy. Mason jars may be handy but simple woven cane baskets in hues of browns are a stylish option when you are looking for dressing table holders. Spray paint them with a contrasting color and you will have an interesting texture apart from the glass.

If you can keep your eyes and application skill perked at all times, you never will have to purchase fancy mason jars just because the world is.

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