Living With Your Roommate’s Loudspeaker

Who you choose as a roommate is as important as who you choose to marry sans the permanency! While you may know a person pretty well, living with them reveals a different side to them altogether. Some habits such as keeping everything in their spot is welcoming, others like using the washroom for too long can simply put you off. They all come with their own baggage, some useful ones include an iron, a blender or even a Play Station, while others may come with not so easy to live with items like pets and loudspeakers. You can condition yourself to love Bruno but it is not such an easy task when your new roommate comes with a loudspeaker which he blares 24X7.

If you are not a fan of your roommate’s playlist then you are in for a tough time unless you lay down a few house rules. Hoping they will someday use their headphone or gifting them one on their birthday is not going to cut the deal. Instead, set certain hours during which he can blare his loudspeaker.

The compromise has to be from both sides, which means you will have to accept loud music playing on Sunday mornings. Consequently, he or she too has to maintain a limit on their volume level.

If you do end up liking your roommate’s playlist, thank god’s good graces, not everyone gets such happiness in life. Conversely, if you end up with a metal head, you either live with it or convince them to use headphones under the faux pass of better sound experience with headphones.

If your roommate understands, he will probably bring down the sound levels; otherwise, you will have to maintain strict rules of what decibel levels to go by when friends are over or when you are trying to work from home.

There might be set rules of how much loud the loudspeaker is allowed to go on regular days; do make sure you make maximum out of his or her loudspeakers when it is time for a party. It might become your little reward for bearing it at other times.

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