Why I am Creating Photo Albums on Cloud Before It’s New Year’s Eve

The year is about to come to an end and we are all scrambling to get our to-do and shopping lists ticked off. As we struggle to make everything perfect for New Year’s Eve, it is also important to take a break and simply look back at the year that passed by. While you may consider calling back friends you haven’t talked to for some time as one way, there is an easier way to simply jerk your memory and make you realize it has been a brilliant year indeed, and that you may have more to be thankful for than regret.

I find, creating photo albums the easiest way to take me back to all those days of the year I no longer recall. If you have your photos backed up on Google photos or Dropbox, chances are they have all been cumulated there including the ones you do not want to see again. If you traveled, make a little effort to create an album, no matter how fairly your Facebook or Instagram profile has documented them. Some pictures are meant to be cherished and relived alone away from people’s commentary and likes.

If you post pictures across platforms then collate them. Backup your saved Snapchat stories in a drive, for you, will never get those 10-second snippets of your life back. Put together your witty tweets on Twitter moments and save them before you forget those snips of social media sarcasm.

After you have created your albums you will be surprised at how much or how less you traveled this year or ate out. The people who show up, the occasion on which the picture was taken, what you were feeling when your friend asked you to pose with a pout all come tumbling back. Being able to live those tiny moments is what makes being a human worthwhile.

So choose your best moments, frame them or print them or back them on cloud and tell yourself, it has been a good year despite the battering, he loses and the tears. Next year there will be more of it, but you will live through it all and keep the best memories with you. It eventually takes a photo album to takes us back to our best times, the time we de-clutter and organize them a bit.

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