Making The Best of Your Homecoming Sans Pesky Meet-Ups

After months of pining for a vacation, when you finally get the thumbs up from your boss, the world seems like a nice place again. When you finally get home, the differences between your current residence and hometown gush in along with the sense of how long you have been missing your hometown. But there is more to a home visit than just being happy about getting to have your mom’s cooking again, a pile-up of requests for meetings with friends and relatives leaves you little or no time for yourself and your family. So how does one work around getting maximum relaxation from your vacation and not let it be spoilt by unwanted people?

When at home, you are probably going to count the number of times you step out of the gate if you are the type keen on making this a vacation of laziness and pampering. There will be a few unavoidable tasks like visiting the bank, getting your eyes checked but apart from them a little prioritizing of your meet-up with friends and relatives can go a long way in letting you have an extra hour of lazying by the TV.

Best friends are a lifeline best kept flowing through long hours of talking in person so he or she should be the first person you meet when at home. There is no compromise on how long you stay together but for the rest of your friend’s circle, it is best to stick to a schedule. You can also club meetups with a few friends to get to stay more at home.

There may be just two major meals to a day but you can still meet for snacks in between with friends. Even breakfast at a new café can make for a new experience in your old city. When making plans make sure you specify how long you can spare.

Relatives are more dicey to ditch but then again a few handy excuses like meeting your best friend or having to do last minute shopping before you head back goes a long way in getting yourself out on time to simply cuddle up to your mother on the sofa.

So this vacation, make sure you meet the people you truly love spending time with instead of courtesy calls killing most of your vacation.

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