Skip Resolutions and Do These 5 Smart Things This New Year

Another new year is here and we are all making plans to do our best to make it more productive. The new year, comes with new days, weeks and months, all waiting for you to explore and make it yours. But most often than not, we end up making feeble resolutions. So here are five things for you to figure out this New Year that is smarter than taking resolutions.

  1. Check your birthday

True to the child in all of us, we all tend to check our birthdays first when we come across a new calendar. While as kids you looked up if it fell on school day, as adults you hope it falls on a weekend so that you do not have to go to work the next day with a hangover.

  1. Find the long weekends

One of the basic differences between a Google calendar and a physical calendar is that it comes with the national holidays printed in red. So find those precious days and mark all the long weekends.

  1. Prep your boss for your vacations

After you have figured out the long weekends, the next step is to butter your boss for leaves even before you decide on where to go for your vacation. Being able to apply for leaves first makes all the difference between getting them for real and dreaming about them.

  1. Check on your horoscope

Though strictly not a calendar related task, we all like to check up on our horoscopes for the year, believers and non-believers alike. While it may have little to do with your life in reality, it still feels nice to know your career will shine bright in the second half of the year.

  1. Plan your trips home

While living alone, when you can head back home is one of your major concerns when you come across the new calendar but balancing it with your travels is crucial. So plan your long vacations accordingly.

There is only so much planning you can do at the beginning of the year, for the rest of it, only time will tell.

Happy New Year!

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