Reasons To Have More Woofs In Your Office

Workplaces can be dens of stress which is why organizations try to bring in stress bursting methods like de-stress zones, bean bags and a 24/7 running coffee machine. But they often seem to turn away from an option that requires very little investment with the optimum outcome, letting their employees bring pets to work. If you are a working pet parent, then chances are it breaks your heart when you have to leave them behind at home when you know having them beside you before an important meeting can calm your anxiety. If you are one of those lucky few who are allowed to bring their dog to work, here are few reasons why you should exploit that opportunity to the fullest.

  1. Lets you relax

Bringing Bruno to work can get a little messy given that you have to carry an extra bag of his supplies like toys, favorite blanket, bowl, and food, but simply seeing him nap at your feel while fire away on the keyboard, lets your mind be at ease letting you concentrate on your work. However, it is best to take your dog to work only after you have trained it enough and he or she has attained a certain level of obedience. Rowdy dogs or ever barking dogs may be frowned upon.

  1. Helps others relax

When you bring your dog to work, his wagging tail, furry coat and eager to lick tongue do not just bust your stress but also those around you. Simply petting him works as therapy of sorts, caressing his fur blocks out every other thought letting people live in the moment. The advantages are multiple when you get your dog to work, their happy aura spreads to your co-workers as well.

  1. Will make you exercise

A dog needs to be exercised at all times. They simply do not wish to get cozy in one corner. Having Bruno with you at work would mean lunch will definitely not happen at your desk. While you munch on your lunch, he will have to be taken on a walk to answer his nature’s call. It will serve as an exercise for you as well, reducing your sedentary time at the office. If you plan on ordering food from a nearby restaurant, walk there with your dog instead of delivering it. You and your dog will welcome that break from the computer screen.

  1. Improve social life at work

Dogs are an easily approachable being which means the human holding on the leash also becomes easily approachable. If you have been shy at work or never really got to build substantial relationships at work, then Bruno may be the key. His eager furry face is hard to ignore which means more and more people will come up to you to pet Bruno and also strike up conversations.

Bringing your dog to work usually ends up in woofs and boops at work making you and your dog happy. Except for a few instances of him or her taking a leak at the base of your table, it usually ends on a happy note. So do get your dog to work as there are more perks to it than you can imagine.


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