Why Your Roommate Is The Perfect Binging Partner

Binge watching has become a seasoned practice for all millennials. While some do it for their favorite series, others make it a movie marathon. The Oscars happened last week which means you have already canceled up on your plans to watch any Bollywood rollout in coming weeks. Knowing the winners may have helped you to narrow down on your list but that should be no reason why you miss out on the others. So choose wisely but more wisely should be done the task of choosing who to watch the films with. A roommate is a great option for the challenge and here we explain why they are the perfect partner for binge watching.

Binge watching with friends is a sound plan but planning it according to the calendar is a big task few like to take up. It includes matching schedules, shifts and work hours of all your friends which in itself require mammoth effort. A roommate, on the other hand, will not have to travel to meet your plan as he or she already lives with you.

Whenever you are invited over or invite people, it requires getting dressed to look presentable. Doing it on the weekend is probably one of the detested tasks. When you binge with your roommate, it requires no dress protocol as both of you get to happily relax in your house wear with no judgment passed even if it is a torn t-shirt you are wearing.

When you have friends over, there is always the inevitable truth of having to end it at some point. They, after all, need to head back to their homes. With a roommate, there never is an end to how much time you spend at home making them the perfect partner for your Oscar marathon.

When you have friends over as bachelors, your apartment instantly comes under your neighbor’s noise radar. While this should never be the reason for you to not have your friends over, with a roommate, such noise detection or the possibility of your neighbor ringing your doorbell at night gets eliminated altogether. So this weekend as you plan an Oscar marathon, make things easier by simply inviting your roommate.

Happy binging!

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