5 Easy Ways To Overcome Your Sedentary Work Hours

As a millennial, we are all plagued by sedentary lifestyles. Our jobs rarely make us move around, and when it does, it is just to reach the water cooler. While some of us try to straighten the knots in our muscles in the gym, there is more we can do while we spend nine hours sitting at our desks. But all is not lost as you work away on at your desk. You can still make sure your body does not get too used to your cushy chair. Read on to follow these easy steps to saying goodbye to your stagnant life.

  1. Take a walk during breaks

We all take a break while at work. What we do in those breaks go a long way in breaking our stupor at work. Instead of taking one long break, aim for mini five minutes ones every hour. Skip social media during that time and instead walk around a bit. It flexes your muscles and increases metabolism.

  1. Do stretches while sitting

It is not always possible to take a break. But you can do a few stretches every once in a while. Do a few legs raises and ankle rotations. It will keep the blood flowing and your muscles exercised. Though your colleague may get a little irked out by your exercises they will soon adapt to it and may join you too.

  1. Do not eat at your desk

Eating at your desk is one the laziest acts we do at work. It is also an activity you can easily do away with a little initiation. Head to the canteen for your lunch instead of having it at your desk. If you are ordering food from a nearby deli, walk to the place instead of having it delivered to your doorstep. The more movement you get, the better it is for you.

  1. Standing desk

Standing desks have become quite popular in modern working spaces and should rightfully be seen in more and more offices. The elevated tables prompt you to work while standing and even put in a few stretches while doing it. While working on a laptop, you can always head to the cafeteria with the fancy high tables to do some part of your work there.

  1. Drink more water

The age-old saying does have its own benefits. While it does not directly lead to exercising, it keeps the fluids in your body running. Plus the extra water intake will mean you will have to head to the bathroom more often, so definitely more movement.

Our stagnant workspaces where we spend an average of close to six hours a day demand more movement which eventually leads to better thinking and output. So stretch a bit, even if it looks weird to others.

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